Papers Submitted...the wait begins.... - Island Teacher

Papers Submitted...the wait begins....

Today we finally finished up the necessary paperwork and all has been Fed-Exed to begin processing with Cayman Immigration. We had a slight issue with the medical paperwork, due to the fact that my lungs have some abnormalities that appeared on the X-rays, but, hopefully nothing immigration cares about. They are specifically checking for tuberculosis, and, since I don't have TB, I should be good to go. A big public shout out to my friend, L, and hubby, Dr. Will. You guys rock and we truly appreciate all the help! Once the paperwork makes it to immigration next week, the wait of anywhere from 3-8 weeks begins. In the meantime, we need to sell, sell, sell! Still 2 cars to get rid of, a living room set, dining room set, bedroom set, futon, full bed, changing table (used as a shelf for the past 2 years), toys and various household odds and ends. :)

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