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Week 2 Updates :)

The biggest update of the week is that we have a signed lease on a place to live. We...rather I...looked at many, many places to live. I must have looked at 20 different apartments/townhomes/houses. A downfall to living on such a beautiful, tax free island is that everything (especially housing) is very expensive. While I was able to find a lot to look at that fit our budget, options that I actually liked very pretty limited. Ultimately, we settled on this particular apartment because of the location and the 3rd bedroom. We are in a community/area called Snug Harbor. It's filled with expats and super close E's job (convenient because we are living with 1 car for now). We have a roomy 3 bedroom/2 bath townhome with a nice screened porch. I had to give up living within walking distance from the beach, but we did get a really nice pool. :) The home doesn't become available until the end of October, though. Luckily, we are able to extend our stay at the hotel until then. Even though it is great here, and I am by no means complaining, it will be nice to not live out of a suitcase and actually move into our own space when the time comes.

AG finishes up her first full week at school tomorrow. She is really enjoying it and I'm super proud of how well she is adjusting. I spent the week taking care of lots of details related to the move and E spent the week working and getting used to his new job. I start work on Monday. All in all things are great! Here are some pics from the week:

View from the hotel of the cruise ships in port for the day!

Playing in the crystal clear water..

Fountain Fun at Camana Bay

Chickens roam Cayman like cows roam India...

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