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Passing the one month mark...

Last Monday was the one month mark of our move. We've gotten to do some fun things the past couple of weeks. We visited the turtle farm and saw giant sea turtles and birds. AG and I also went for a glass bottom kayak ride one afternoon. Of course, we've been spending lots of time at the beach. Last night we had a great dinner out at Calypso Grill with a couple who work with E. They are Peruvian and have been on the island for several years, so he had hit it off with them and they had recommended the restaurant. Yum, yum...we both had the fresh catch of the day (mahi and tuna) and it was probably the best fish meal I've ever had!

We FINALLY get to move into our apartment next week. It will be great to unpack and really settle in. There is a newly formed tropical storm just to the south of us, but right now it is projected to hit Jamaica and stay to the east of us. We were already feeling some of the whipping winds today though and we are supposed to get some heavy rain. Even though we were in Florida for several rough hurricane seasons, there is just something about being on an island that makes the whole situation seem scarier!

In happier news, my mom is coming in a little over 3 weeks! Hurray! AG will be so excited to see her. We are looking forward to lining up visitors since we'll have an extra room, so feel free to come for a visit. :)

Here's a picture from the Turtle Farm:

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