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Week 3 updates

While E has been settling into his job now for 3 weeks, I just began work this past week. We are working on developing a routine, which will be easier when we move into our own place...3 more weeks to go! E's company has done an overwhelming job of making AG feel so special. If you haven't followed my facebook posts, the summary of it all includes a pet fish (until we leave the hotel anyway) and special gifts and notes from about 10 different departments in the hotel.

Week 1 of work went well for me. There are definite challenges...mainly due to the fact that the kids haven't had to do much in terms of Spanish. While they have taken Spanish for years, not too much has been expected. This, of course, will change and will be met with resistance, but I'm hoping for a great outcome. I have a very supportive principal, so this helps tremendously! I am trying to juggle Spanish classes for 1st grade all the way to 10th grade, so this is another challenge. It's been a good 7 years since I've taught elementary age, so this requires some adjusting too. :)

We have been attending a church here on island that we really like. We've met some nice people already and feel like it's a good place for us. I'm excited to get more connected with people and the church, so I'm really looking forward to finding our place there!

E and I absolutely love eating out. Cayman provides endless opportunity to do just that, but at quite a price! We found a restaurant that offers a deal on Sunday nights where you can pay $1 for a meal if it's an identical meal to one being ordered. We visited here tonight, ate on the outdoor balcony, had 2 yummy snapper dinners and a great sunset!

Additionally, something to pray for...my health has not been great since we arrived. I "think" it's allergy related, but even after a trip to see a nice Dutch doctor here in Cayman, a diagnosis of an upper respiratory infection and a round of antibiotics, nasal spray, cough medicine and gargling aspirin (yeah, this is weird??) I'm still struggling to get rid of it. Today has been the first day that I've started to feel more normal again. Also, pray for AG as she is (just today) starting to get the runny nose crud.

All in all life is great!

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