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A New Year and A New Blog Direction

Wow! I cannot tell you how excited I am! Today is the first day of a new direction for my blog.  You see, way back when I started my original blog 2 years ago, I wasn't familiar with the awesome world of teacher blogging. I started a blog to keep friends, family, and other online info seekers up to date with the move I made from a small town in Georgia to Grand Cayman in the Caribbean. My blogging "career" was pretty short-lived though...until NOW. :) Over the past 6 months, I have discovered this new (to me) world of teacher blogging and I've really enjoyed reading about what is going well (or sometimes not so well) for teachers all over the world! I went back and forth on whether to start a new blog or just convert my old blog. Ultimately, I just decided to change the name and convert my old blog. The posts from the previous 2 years share a bit about how I came to be an island teacher and a little about life on the island. They go along with who I am, so I decided to let them stay. To go along with the new direction, I have brand new blog look by Kristy Bear Designs. She was absolutely fabulous to work with, thanks Kristy!

As I'm about to enter my third year as an island teacher, I'm looking forward to sharing about teaching, life on an island, and todas las aventuras en mis clases de español. In 3 days it's back to school for me where I'll give up lingering over morning cups of tea here

to working on actually implementing some new ideas I've been researching this summer. Hint below: :)
Looking forward to a great school year!

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