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Save some sanity part 2....Organize your week!

In part 2 of Save some sanity...otherwise known as "why did it take me so many years to figure this out?", I want to share my favorite tip for keeping your week organized. This became a necessity for me when I started teaching at my current school because I teach different grades and classes on different days and had to constantly refer to my schedule to see what was happening next. Then my plastic drawers came into the picture! I'm sure you've seen this idea floating around, but it is truly fabulous! 

I found these cute labels on TpT back before I knew how to make my own stuff like that (I should totally remake them in Spanish!) and added them to the front of the drawers. I've seen many pictures where people have the last drawer labeled "next week", which works great too, but then my next week would be all jumbled up. I use the last drawer to hold my interactive notebooking supplies. Since I have small classes, my glue sticks and scissors fit nicely there. After a day of the week passes, I'll begin adding to the drawer for the next week as I plan and gather materials.  Anything needed for that particular day goes into the drawer. This could be handouts, task cards, other games, graded papers to return, etc. Then, when a class comes in, I just access the drawer and all is well! Some sanity has been saved! Happy Saturday!

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