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5 Spanish Infographics for the holiday season!

I'm always on the lookout for cool infographics to share in my Spanish classes. Infographics are pretty much just like the name implies. They are visual representations of information about a particular topic. I generally find these on Pinterest. We are trying to push through these last 8 days of school before Christmas break and I plan to add in some of the infographics to infuse some target language reading. 

You can either save the images as jpeg files and add them to PowerPoint slides to project them in class or just go directly to the website to share the information with your students. I like to have students read through the information on their own or with a partner and pick out 3 interesting facts which they learned from the graphic. These are only in Spanish, but I find that even lower level students are able to some gain knowledge from these because of the visual aspect, context, and by using cognates. I generally give lower level students some time to look over the information and then allow them to use dictionaries if they need to look up key words. I emphasize that they should not try to understand or look up EVERY word, but just go for a general understanding of the information presented.  I then have groups share a fact that they learned and we discuss as a class. Additionally, you could make up some short answer questions about the infographic for students to answer. So, here are 5 seasonal infographics that you may want to share with your classes. 

If you click on the name, it will take you directly to the site where they can be found. 

1. Los Nombres de Papá Noel

3. Navidad en México

Have you found any fun holiday infographics? If so, please share them in the comments! Have fun celebrating the holiday season! :)

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