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Teaching across the USA...and Beyond!

I'm super excited to link up today with Lucy S for a fun topic about teaching across the USA...and beyond! Teacher bloggers are linking up and sharing where they teach and the best thing about teaching there. I can't wait to read all the responses! Here's mine:

I love, love, love that I get to be a part of such a diverse school. Our teaching staff is made up of teachers from America, Canada, Cayman, and Britain. The student population gets even more fun. I'm afraid to list as I know I'll leave something out, but, just to use my daughter's first grade class as an example, there are students whose families are from the US, Canada, Cuba, Cayman, Colombia, France and Honduras. The population of the island is only about 50,000 people. There are currently people from 109 different countries living here. It is truly awesome to live and teach in such a melting pot of cultures. 

Besides the diversity, you absolutely can't beat the weather! Being from Georgia, I remember going out on winter mornings and starting the car for it to warm up or scraping ice from the windshield before school. None of that craziness here! You have to be able to handle the heat though. This time of year we get a nice breeze, but June-August is H.O.T.  Of course, there is hurricane season, June-November, but since we've been here (now 3 hurricane seasons), we've had very little threat of bad weather. There is some rain, but it generally doesn't last long. With the nice, warm weather year round, it means that you get to spend more time doing things like this. :)

What's the best thing about where you teach? Head on over to this post and link up or comment below.


  1. Being from Brazil, and having lived in the US and in France, it's easy to guess that I love learning about other cultures.
    Brazil, as a country, is also pretty diverse, but I've never had the opportunity to teach at a diverse school.
    I'd love to teach in such an environment!
    I think that the ones who profit the most from that are the children. They'll most likely grow up to be as tolerant and prejudice-free as they can be!

    Thank you for sharing and for linking up!

    - Lucy

    1. Lucy,
      Totally true! As a mom of a 6 year old, I LOVE that she is able to grow up seeing such diversity. It's awesome!

  2. Oh can I come visit you!! Grand Cayman sounds like a dream!! I wish I could escape the snow!!

  3. If I wasn't in the desert, I would absolutely L♥VE living on a tropical island! Sun and sand for me!


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