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Spanish Freebie Friday: La Maestra Dice Game!

¡Hola! Thanks for checking out Spanish Freebie Friday. I hope you'll stop by every Friday to check out a new FREE resource that you may find useful in your classroom. I hope to cover a wide range of resources as I embark on this project to post a new freebie each Friday this year. I love discovering new, helpful, fun resources and I'll be sharing them with you! Additionally, from time to time I'll offer a Friday FLASH Freebie where I'll list an item in my store for FREE for a very limited time. You'll want to follow me on Facebook to stay up to date on any FLASH Freebies! You can follow my blog via email (sign up on the side bar) OR Bloglovin to remember to check back on Fridays.

This week's freebie comes from I Speak Your Language. It's a game to practice Spanish -ER and -IR verbs along with a conjugation worksheet. Students will practice filling in sentences, trying to make their sentence match with the sentence written by the teacher. Check it out HERE
Spanish  -ER/IR Verb Game - La Maestra dice
Do you know of a freebie that you would like for me to consider sharing this year in Spanish Freebie Fridays? Feel free to send me a message! Have a fabulous weekend!

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