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And we knew it wouldn't be forever...

Taking a time out from the "teacher posts" for more of a "life post". When I began blogging (although very rarely) almost 3 years ago, my blog was all about our upcoming move and settling in to a new life on an island in the Caribbean. 10 months ago, it transitioned into a Spanish teaching/life on an island blog. Well, now the time has come for yet another transition. 4 weeks from today, we board a plane to head back to the US on a new adventure. It's hard to even write about it. It makes it seem more real. While we knew that we wouldn't be here forever, it still doesn't make it any easier to leave. 

We've made good GREAT friends and saying goodbye will be tough! The thing about being on an island filled with people from all over the world is that many are here without other family. so you create your own "family" of friends. For my daughter, who was 4 when we arrived, leaving at 7 and saying goodbye to the first friends she remembers will be especially difficult.

However, with all this being said, we are SUPER excited about our new life just outside of San Francisco. We will literally be starting over, as we sold everything when we left the US a few years ago. What an adventure! We are moving due to a job transfer for my husband. I began applying for jobs a couple months back and I am extremely blessed to have been offered 2 different teaching jobs in the area. I have made my choice, but I'll save details on that for another day once my teaching assignment becomes more clear. :) 

This all has kept my mind a bit preoccupied the last few months, hence the lack of blogging. I also have gone back and forth about what to do with the I'm losing my identity as an island teacher, ha! I've decided that even though I'll move on, the blog will stay as Island Teacher. Like all things in life, changes happen. We constantly grow, develop and change as educators and I look forward to sharing these new changes with you. I'm thrilled to be able to keep you posted as I transform back into a teacher in the US. ;) Until then, you better believe I'll be soaking up the sun and enjoying the beach this last month! 


  1. Hi. I just jumped over from the FB group. :) I'm in Tracy (close to SF)! Congrats on the move!

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Love your name. ;) I'll have to look up where Tracy is located...I'm still pretty ignorant about where everything is! :) We are in Half Moon Bay, but I'll be teaching next year in Pacifica.


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