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7 Essentials for Spanish (or ANY) Interactive Notebooks

If you're giving interactive notebooks a try for the first time in your Spanish classes, you may be wondering what supplies you will need to be off to a successful start. Here's my detailed photo list of 7 things (plus a bonus FREE download) that you need to get started on your interactive notebook journey! 

**Totally confused about interactive notebooks?? START HERE with this blog post!**

Essential Materials for Spanish Interactive Notebooks

Tips for Starting Spanish Interactive Notebooks...Part 2

Earlier in the week, I wrote Part 1 of Starting Spanish Interactive Notebooks. You may want to check that out HERE if you haven't already. Today, I wanted to share a few more thoughts that have developed from my use of INBs in Spanish classes.

Tips for Starting Spanish Interactive Notebooks...Part 1

Hi all!! I hope you all have enjoyed your summer as much as I have. Mine was busy, busy, busy and packed full of changes. I'll save all that for another post, but I wanted to publicly address some questions that I've recently received from several readers who are interested in starting interactive notebooks in their classes this upcoming school year. Thanks guys for inspiring me to jump back on the blog train and share what's worked for me in regards to using interactive notebooks in my Spanish classes. 

Using Periscope for Professional Development!

In my last blog post, I posted about how much I am enjoying Periscope. If you aren't familiar, Periscope is an app and website that allows for interactive live video broadcasting. "Scopes" are saved on the app and website for 24 hours. While I'm just getting into scoping myself, I love how easy it is to share ideas. I mentioned in my last blog post that it's been hard for me to find time to write, but, with Periscope, it's easy to just pop on and talk for a few minutes. To find me on Periscope just search @islandteacher1.


Maestros de Español...Fall/Winter Blog Hop

I'm so excited to be teaming up with some of my fellow Maestros de Español for a blog hop! We'll be sharing fall/winter tips and activities that you can use in your Spanish classes, doing some super awesome giveaways, and give info on a sale going on during our blog hop that you may want to check out!

And we knew it wouldn't be forever...

Taking a time out from the "teacher posts" for more of a "life post". When I began blogging (although very rarely) almost 3 years ago, my blog was all about our upcoming move and settling in to a new life on an island in the Caribbean. 10 months ago, it transitioned into a Spanish teaching/life on an island blog. Well, now the time has come for yet another transition. 4 weeks from today, we board a plane to head back to the US on a new adventure. It's hard to even write about it. It makes it seem more real. While we knew that we wouldn't be here forever, it still doesn't make it any easier to leave. 

Spanish Freebie Friday: 2 Interactive Resources!

¡Hola! Thanks for checking out Spanish Freebie Friday. I hope you'll stop by on Fridays to check out a new FREE resource that you may find useful in your classroom. I've dropped the ball on Spanish Freebie Fridays lately...there are some big changes going on for me (a whole other blog post for another day, ha!). I hope to continue the quest to cover a wide range of resources as I attempt to post a new freebie each Friday this year. I love discovering new, helpful, fun resources and I'll be sharing them with you! Additionally, from time to time I'll offer a Friday FLASH Freebie where I'll list an item in my store for FREE for a very limited time. You'll want to follow me on Facebook to stay up to date on any FLASH Freebies! You can follow my blog via email (sign up on the side bar) OR Bloglovin to remember to check back on Fridays.

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