August 2012 - Island Teacher

Sunday Updates and Housing Thoughts

So on Friday (the day after I had FedExed the work permit papers) E gets an email from his new job saying that the current processing time for full work permits (what we had applied for) is 12 weeks. They decided that they do not want to wait that long (duh!), so they will be processing a temporary one for now and then a full one at a later date. The temporary processing time is only 2-3 weeks! Yikes! So, it's back to FedEx tomorrow to send in the temporary permit application. Realistically, this still probably puts us close to October by the time the application arrives in Cayman, is submitted by his job, is approved by immigration, etc. etc. Since I have a teaching job down there now, I will be going with Eddie instead of the original plan of waiting until December.

In other news, I have sold my entire house (well, what we are selling anyway) of furniture to one person! Woot! Woot! Still need to get rid of the cars.

The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman
Since we are really just waiting now and finished with paperwork until I need to apply for my work permit, I have been scouring ecay trade for housing options. This is like the Cayman Islands version of Craigslist. From here, you can then find different realtor websites for even more options to look at. There is a lot of rentals available and negotiating prices on rentals is normal, so hopefully we'll be able to get all (or at least most) of what we are looking for at a price we can afford. We will be allowed to stay at the Ritz for 2-3 weeks until we find a place where we want to live. Not a bad deal, huh?


Papers Submitted...the wait begins....

Today we finally finished up the necessary paperwork and all has been Fed-Exed to begin processing with Cayman Immigration. We had a slight issue with the medical paperwork, due to the fact that my lungs have some abnormalities that appeared on the X-rays, but, hopefully nothing immigration cares about. They are specifically checking for tuberculosis, and, since I don't have TB, I should be good to go. A big public shout out to my friend, L, and hubby, Dr. Will. You guys rock and we truly appreciate all the help! Once the paperwork makes it to immigration next week, the wait of anywhere from 3-8 weeks begins. In the meantime, we need to sell, sell, sell! Still 2 cars to get rid of, a living room set, dining room set, bedroom set, futon, full bed, changing table (used as a shelf for the past 2 years), toys and various household odds and ends. :)

Who does this?? Starting a job and interviewing for another...

First an update on last week's progress:

  • We confirmed our move out date with the rental company: September 30...this will be much easier than moving out at the end of this month.
  • We had our medical reports done (just waiting on test results)
  • My car is currently listed for sale on Craigslist...Eddie's is to be listed this week. :)
  • I have planned and am "mostly" prepared for my classes to start tomorrow.
Now, for the "who does this?" segment. As mentioned, I start my new job tomorrow. Well, additionally, I will be interviewing for a new teaching position. I found out about a part time Spanish position at a private Christian school on GC thru a fabulous friend of a friend connection. I blasted off my resume immediately, got a response that same day, and have a phone interview scheduled for tomorrow!  I do not believe in coincidences. :) We will see where this may lead.

UPDATE 8/13: so, I got the job! yeah, this is crazy!I'm really just so overwhelmed I don't have much to say...God is good and I'm very thankful.

Checklist for the week of 8/5

I need lists! If I think about about that has to be done I get seriously overwhelmed. I have to take it day by day.

1. Finish syllabi and plan for first week of classes next week.
2. Call the company relocation number that we've been given to get more info about our benefits in this area and how we ship the belongings that we will take.
3. Schedule doctor's appointments for myself and E to get our medical paperwork filled out.
4. Confirm move out date with rental company. We just finished our year lease where we currently live. We have to give 30 days notice to move out. Because I let them know on the 3rd and not the 1st, apparently we are obligated for rent until the of September (they don't do partial months). They are supposed to check with the homeowner and, if approved, we may be out of this house and in with my parents at the end of August! We could save quite a bit of money this way, but that would mean that I need to get started on the selling of things ASAP! Update in case you don't know: we have tenants living in the house we own that have a lease until the end of next June, so that's one area we don't have to worry about right now.
5. Figure out how to sell and list our cars. This is a HUGE prayer request. We are both upside down in what we owe and what they are worth. Please pray that we can get rid of our cars and lose as little money as possible.

One day at a time, one day at a time! I love seeing E so excited thinking about the future. This will be awesome!

Jeremiah 29:11- For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.


Geography Lesson :)

Another frequently asked question...where are the Cayman Islands? In case you aren't up on your geography skills, here's a visual! They are a group of 3 islands to the south of Cuba. We will be on the largest island of the 3, Grand Cayman. It's a pretty popular tourist destination. Grand Cayman is home to the Seven Mile Beach, which is considered to be one of the best beaches in the world. Lots of cruise ships stop in Grand Cayman and the diving and snorkeling is great. It's less than a 3 hour flight from my family was happy to hear! We will definitely be welcoming visitors.


Let the adventure begin...

Where do I even start? As some may know, E began casually searching for new job opportunities about 4 months ago. He's had several interviews, several talks with places, but nothing had really panned out...until NOW. He decided to go out on a limb and apply for the job that neither one of us actually thought he would get. He has been at his current job (well, same company) for almost 6 years. He has known for awhile that it was time for a change. We had pretty much decided we were staying put until the school year began and ended. I had just accepted a position about a month ago teaching ESL at a university and we had enrolled AG in a new Montessori school that we are super excited about. Then, an opportunity came along!  If you know us, you know that we are always up for an adventure....I mean, we decided 5 years ago to buy property and build a beach house in Peru, that's not exactly "normal". So, you can probably guess by the title of the blog where we are heading! E has accepted a job in Grand Cayman. I have decided to start a blog because I have found myself searching for and reading lots of websites and blogs over the past month about moving to and living in the Cayman Islands. This will be an adventure for sure and I'm excited to share the process!  To answer a couple of questions from people we have told in "real life" about our adventure:

Q: When are you moving?
A: Not right away. The work permit approval process for E takes about 6-8 weeks. Even if we get all of the papers together this next week then he is still looking at October. The process is crazy...granted, not like trying to get a work permit for the US, but still lots of paperwork. We have to get medical exams for all of us, blood work and x-rays. We have to request E's college transcripts and make sure we have notarized copies of birth certificates and our marriage license.We also have to decide on a school on the island for AG because an acceptance letter from a private school has to accompany his work permit application...expat children are not allowed to use the public schools. I guess they want to make sure we have a plan. :)

Q: Um, what about your new job that you are supposed to start next week?
A: I am starting as planned! AG will start school as planned too. Actually, AG and I will probably stay in the US until the end of the semester (first week in December) to finalize everything here in the states. We will be moving in with my parents in the interim between E leaving and us leaving. This is an amazing opportunity for E and our family and I will put my dream job on hold for now. Plus I have a totally understanding, amazing boss who will allow me to teach for as much of, or as little of the semester as I need to. :)

Q: What about your stuff?
A: Nearly everything in the Cayman Islands is rented fully furnished and equipped. We will not need to take much except warm weather clothing. We don't have much furniture that we are attached to (most has been around since we were married 8 years ago), so we will be selling nearly everything...including CARS. If you are close by and in the market for furniture, household items, a Nissan Rogue or an Audi A4, please let us know!

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