August 2013 - Island Teacher

Approaching the one year mark....

It has been a long....LONG...time since the last update. It would be impossible to tell it all, so here is a month-by-month photo summary update. :)

December 2012: We had a great first Christmas on the island. We spent time at holiday parties with new friends, Teddy Bear Tea, and making AG's first gingerbread house!

E's work holiday party.

Ready for tea at the Ritz.

1st Gingerbread house

Right after Christmas and the first week of January my mom, dad, sister, bro-in-law and favorite nephew, Bennett, came to visit! 

Me, L, Mama, AG :)

AG and B on the beach.

In February we moved to a new apartment. We traded in a third bedroom for a beach. With the added plus of now being about 2 minutes from opposed to 10 minutes before. :)

In March we celebrated AG's 5th birthday at Margaritaville. Yes, children here do have parties at Margaritaville. It has a great pool and waterslide, ha! E's parents also came to visit in March.

In the water with Abuela.

In April, AG's PreK class performed at chapel.

Sweet bunch of kids.

In May, I celebrated my first birthday on the island. E decided to buy me a Halloween cake. ;)

The Cake

In June, AG and I finished up our first school year here! First up on the summer plans for me and AG...Georgia. We visited family, friends, relaxed and shopped!

Visiting with my 96 year old granddaddy!

Doing a little shopping! After living on an island for a year, I needed to stock up!

Playing on B's new swing set!

Meeting baby C

Paddleboating on Susu and Granddaddy Flash's lake 

In July, we were all able to get off the island for our family vacation. First stop is California to visit Los Angeles, Napa, and San Francisco.

Chinese Theater in Hollywood

Fun at the wax museum

Giant redwoods outside of San Francisco

Touring a winery in Napa

Port of San Francisco

San Francisco cable car

Happy to be at the Golden Gate Bridge


Tagged on with the California trip, in August, we headed down to Peru to enjoy time with E's family in Lima and then in Punta Sal.

Lots of family. :)

Fun times with cousin D

BBQ in Punta Sal

Punta Sal sunsets are just as great as Cayman

Cousins play time

Exploring the very deserted beach

SO...this leads us up to NOW and the big event of this past week!

AG starts K!

In two weeks (September 15th), we will celebrate 1 year in Grand Cayman! This past year has been amazing in so many different ways. We came not knowing what to expect, but have been blessed with great friends, jobs, a church, and a good change of pace in life! Looking forward to beginning year number 2 on our tropical island!
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