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4 Ways to Use Memes in Spanish Class

Memes!!! Do you love them?? I can have a bit of a corny sense of humor, so these are right up my alley. I've been saving some that I have come across to this Pinterest board and I've started thinking of ways that I can incorporate them into my Spanish classes. I'm specifically choosing images that are clever yet simple enough for my beginning Spanish classes to actually "get".  As much as they may roll their eyes about some of these, deep down I know they love 'em. :)

Here are 4 ways to incorporate these joke images into your Spanish class:

1. Use as a warm-up. I like these for my Para Empezar activities. They can be already projected on the board when students arrive. Students have to explain the jokes in their notebooks while I take attendance or whatever else needs to be done before beginning class.

2. Use as an extra credit assignment. I ask students to seek out their own Spanish "joke pictures". They have to print out the picture and provide an explanation to receive extra points on an assignment.

3. Use as a class assignment. After showing several joke images to students, you could have students work in small groups to brainstorm ideas and then create their own joke picture. These could then be presented to the class.

4. Use as a 5-minute filler. Got a few extra minutes at the end of class? Make a PowerPoint with an image on each slide and run through a few at the end of class. Have a class discussion about the meaning of the joke. It will get students smiling and end class in a positive way. :)

Have any more ideas? I'd love to hear them!


  1. I also love using comics and funny images. One thing I'm thinking about doing next year is to post a picture a week (or maybe a day since my collection is growing) on our classes Edmodo page and have students comment on the picture.


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