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2 Creative Activities for the First Days of Spanish Class

Whew...made it! Week one is over! As always, the first week of school is a bit hectic as the the year gets going. A positive (in most cases) aspect of teaching at a small school is that you pretty much know all of the students before they show up in your classroom. Many of these students are the same students I've had for the past 3 years, so we both know what to expect from each other. :) Here are 2 activities creative activities that we incorporated into our first week of Spanish class!
2 creative ideas to use the first few weeks of Spanish class

1. I was excited to have my students make ¿Quién soy yo? banners for the classroom. They enjoyed doing this and they added a nice touch to the bulletin board. Next time, I'll definitely have them write their answers to the prompts in a dark marker. This will definitely show up a lot better and make them easier to read from a distance.

You can grab this activity in my TpT store by clicking the photo below. :)

2. Next, I was really excited to have my students set up their "cuaderno interactivo". Ok, so this took a LONG time. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it did take awhile to explain the process and add the table of contents and grading rubric. We added the table of contents to the front cover and the grading rubric to the back cover. I plan to grade notebooks at the end of each quarter.

For their first notebook page, I had students brainstorm the topic "5 Reasons to Study Spanish". They then went home and created the page for their first homework assignment. I left the instructions open-ended and just told them to make a colorful graphic which included their 5 reasons. I was pretty pleased with what some of my interactive notebook newbie students came up with!

One student even listed her 5 reasons by drawing Grand Cayman and adding one reason to each of the 5 districts on the island. There's a little Cayman Islands geography lesson for your day. :)

Overall, a great first week!

How was your first week of school?


  1. This is an awesome opening activity and assignment. Do you teach high school? I'm trying out INBs with my Spanish 1 and 2 high schoolers this year and have already seen a lot after reading two of your blog posts and following you on IG. Thank you!

    1. Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog and IG. I do (well did) teach HS Spanish. :) I'm taking on a new role this year, but taught Spanish for 12 years. Best wishes to you! I love interactive notebooks!

  2. Hello Mrs. Island Teacher... My family is from a tiny Island, so this site caught my attention. I presently teach Spanish Dual Language Science, Grade 6. However, finding resources or tips for Spanish Science is almost impossible... Any suggestions? BTW, I teach in Houston.

    1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! I'm actually not sure about Spanish science materials. Have you seen Flapjack Education's blog? She teaches math and science in a Spanish immersion program (but is 4th grade). Maybe you could find some useful tips. Best wishes!


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