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About Me

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I'm Emilie. I have taught for 15 years, mainly in the areas of Spanish and ESL (with other subjects sprinkled in here and there). It is my mission to make language learning interactive and engaging for all students! :)

Once upon a time, this blog was created to keep everyone updated about our move to the Cayman Islands (originally 2012-2015, and then home in the US and back again 2016-now!). Over a period of time, I discovered so many awesome teaching blogs that I decided to transition my own blog into Island Teacher in order to share my stories and connect with teachers around the globe! 

Most people haven't followed the blog from the beginning and often ask how we ended up in the Cayman Islands. Those that know us closely were probably not too surprised with our decision to leave the good ol' USA. My husband had been in the US for 11 years, but, not being from the US (he's Peruvian), was open to the move. 

I've always enjoyed a good adventure and have had so many fun adventures abroad...see above photo ;)...that the move to Cayman seemed like an OK idea for me too. As for AG, at 4 years old when we first moved, she's just along for the ride and I'm excited to have her immersed in such a culturally diverse country interacting with people from all over the world.

When I'm not teaching, I enjoy working on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store and having fun in the sun with these two!

This is the Miami skyline. These buildings don't exist in Cayman! ;)



  1. Hey, Emilie! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Crazy how much we have in common! Where did you live in Georgia? Why did you decide on the Caymans? Was it because of your teaching job? Anyways, hope you're having a great week!

    1. It was actually my husband's job that brought us down. He works in hotel management, and it actually came out of the blue. We weren't necessarily looking to move out of the US, but he had a former co-worker that was working here, so it just worked out for us to come. :)

    2. And I grew up in a small town between Macon and Columbus, GA. :)

  2. Hi Emilie! Our teaching careers seem to be the opposite! I spend 7 years teaching elementary (all subjects, mostly 5th and 6th grade) and am now transitioning to Spanish! If you have any questions about the elementary world feel free to reach out. Your Spanish resources have been a huge help to me so far! Best wishes!

    1. Aww! Thanks Kristie. That's so funny that you're doing the opposite! I don't think this is a permanent switch for me, but you never know. ;) Best wishes to you as well! I'm happy to help with anything, so please let me know as well! Take care!

  3. Hi Emilie!

    I just wanted to stop by and thank you because I still remember, one year ago, reading your comment on my Teachers Pay Teachers store saying that you loved the "look" of my store. In a time when I was really uncertain about the whole endeavor, you made me feel like I should press on anyway!

    Thanks for your encouragement. Love your blog and love your message!



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